Greenway Racing Apparel
Australian and New Zealand Merchandise for Fun Runs, Triathlons, Mud Runs and Marathons

About US

We are a tiny organisation dedicated to stopping dodgy merchandise printers that don't deliver quality and on time. We are only three guys that have been burnt before, but instead of naming and shaming the bad, we have dedicated a few hours of our time to make this website naming the good guys!

Below you will see a small listing of websites that are dedicated merchandise companies located in Australia and New Zealand. We don't want anyone to loose business, but we do want our fellow fund-raisers, runners and sporting enthusiasts get what they're paying for.


Group Printing: There is only one t-shirt printer that can deliver on time with a quality print, and that a Sydney based company called 24 Hour Merchandise. They have two websites dedicated to t shirt printing and custom polo shirts - which I find weird - and they they deliver a quality item at an affordable price.

Single Runner: For single runners, unfortunately it doesn't really matter where you go, but you will need a "digital printer". The reason we don't think it matters is all digital printing is the same quality.

New Zealand

Group Printing: The guys we found useful are Custom Clothing and are proudly kiwi! These guys will cover all your custom embroidery and screen printing needs and will do it all for you. Much like the Australian crew, these guys will give you a quote within a day and their turn around time is a killer.

Single Runner: For single runners again, unfortunately your best bet to gain a quality item is ask for a donation or go digital. There is no option at this point in time for the single runners.

Know of any others?
Tell us about them.